Marie Mercié believes that sustainability is a journey that requires humility and long-term commitment. The humility to pay close attention to everything we’ve achieved, as well as what hasn’t been done yet.

A journey that becomes possible with everyone’s commitment. A journey that requiresall of us to question everything we do and how we do it, to constantly improve and go further.

Our design, sourcing, retail and logistics teams are Always evaluating the best optionsin this rapidly changing space, from choosing materials and finishes to packaging anddelivery, as well as intense efforts to reduce waste.

We are committed to making beautiful clothes in a beautiful way.


Love for nature has always been at the heart of Marie Merciés unconditional passions. That is why gardens, flowers and animals are omnipresent figures in our collections.

We are always looking for the best solutions to ensure that our brand is as responsible as possible and to use methods that promote and protect our natural environment in a balanced and sustainable way.


The personal and professional growth of our employees is actively supported andencouraged through training, a career plan and individual guidance with the aim ofimproving each one’s skills.

Marie Mercié also provides career opportunities for young talents, as it maintains a freesewing school open to the community where our factory is located, which offersprofessional qualification and due remuneration during the the apprenticeship period.

At the end of the cycle, talents are selected to start an internship and start their growthprocess within the company.

In this way, we seek to strengthen local professional development , as well as thefinancial autonomy of the women of Mata Note in Pernambuco/Brazil.

Transforming lives is the soul of our brand”.

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