For Marie Mercié, luxury is synonymous with total attention and care in every littledetail. We create a relationship of affection and admiration with each of our pieces.

We focus on building respectful, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with oursuppliers based on the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

The choice of our raw materials is based on a number of criteria, including thesustainability of the material itself, how it is sourced and the availability of the material.

High quality natural fibers such as linen and cotton represent an average of 80% of ourcollections.


Even with the support of high technology, manual work is the protagonist, thusconfiguring what we call humanized technology, the perfect combination betweeninnovation and tradition necessary for a creative fashion industry.

A work made by many hands, built from at least seven artesanal stages, corresponds toan average production time of up to 20 days.

For this reason, we chose slow fashion processes, which involve professional trainingand longer manufacturing time, thus favoring the well-being of our workforce and thehighest quality of each product.


Our biggest mission is to make unique clothes, capable of being used by the most variedpeople, of different ages, in the most diverse moments and that accompany the mostspecial memories of those who wear them.

A relationship of affection and admiration with our clothes. This is how Marie Merciéclients recognize and invest in every detail of our work.

A relationship of affection and admiration with our customers. It is through investing in time, attention and obsessive care for details, from design to the finished piece, thatMarie Mercié recognizes the importance and practices respect for each of ourcustomers.

A relationship of reciprocity between brand and customer. This is the Marie Mercié wayof making collections with lasting clothes and timeless fashion.